37, by Catullus

# 507, by Larry Eigner

“830 Fireplace Road,” by John Yau

“1,968 Winters,” by Jackie Earley

“The Afterlife,” by Stan Rice

“An altered look about the hills,” by Emily Dickinson

“Ancestry,” by Sean Hewitt

“Archaic Torso of Apollo,” by Rainer Maria Rilke

“Aquarium,” by Melissa Stein

“At Shedd Aquarium,” by Robyn Schiff

“Autumn Refrain,” by Wallace Stevens

“Broken Pattern,” by Bo Carpelan

“Cape Coast Castle,” by Yusef Komunyakaa

“Cartoon Featurette,” by Kevin Prufer

“Childhood,” by Joe Bolton

“A Cloudless Walk,” by Richard Long

“Conch,” by Zbigniew Herbert

“The Dancing,” by Gerald Stern

“Dangers,” by Rodney Jones

“Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,” by Dylan Thomas

“Dulce et Decorum Est,” by Wilfred Owen

“Elegy Ending in the Sound of a Skipping Rope,” by Larry Levis

“este día comenzó” or “this day began” by Mara Pastor

“Ethics,” by Linda Pastan

“exactly the forehead…,” by Krystyna Milobedzka

“The Explosion,” by Philip Larkin

“Fatima,” by Laura Kasischke

“The Fire,” by Deborah Parédez

“First Times Together,” by Arseny Tarkovsky

“The Flea,” by John Donne

“For Mary Ann Youngren,” by Frank Bidart

“Friendship,” by John Matthias

from Slightly Moving Figures, by James Sacre

“Ghazal 1,” by Hafez

“Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward.,” by John Donne

Gunslinger, by Ed Dorn

“Half an Hour,” by C. P. Cavafy

“Home is So Sad,” by Philip Larkin

“How My Sister, My Mother and I Still Travel Down Balwearie Road,” by Mark Jarman

“How to Write the Great American Indian Novel,” by Sherman Alexie

“Horseflies,” by Robert Wrigley

“The Imperfect Enjoyment,” by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

“I Remember Galileo,” by Gerald Stern

“I sink back upon the ground . . . ,” by David Ignatow

“If We Must Die,” by Claude McKay

“The Incognito Lounge,” by Denis Johnson

“Lachrymae Christi,” by Hart Crane

“Lapis Lazuli,” by Yeats 

“Last Statement for a Last Oracle,” by Alan Dugan

“leda 1,” “leda 2,” and “leda 3,” by Lucille Clifton

Letter (to Mrs. James Wylie, August 6, 1818), by John Keats

“Luke II,” by Robert Crashaw

Madonna and Child, Perryton, Texas, 1967,” by B. H. Fairchild

“Magical Thinking,” by Lynda Hull

“Mary Magdalene’s Left Foot,” by Andrew Hudgins

“Match Game ’73,” by Daniel M. Shapiro

“MCMXIV,” by Philip Larkin

“Migraine: Aura and Aftermath,” by Claudia Emerson

“Mock Orange,” by Louise Gluck

“Mr Cogito Studies His Face in the Mirror,” by Zbigniew Herbert

“My Dream by Henry James,” by Michael Ryan

“My Mother Would be a Falconress,” by Robert Duncan

“My Philosophy of Life,” by John Ashbery

“Myth,” by Natasha Trethewey

“Necessary and Impossible,” by Henri Cole

“Of Being Numerous” (section 15), by George Oppen

“On the Death of Friends in Childhood,” by Donald Justice

“One Art,” by Elizabeth Bishop

“Passenger,” by Jorie Graham

“Perfect Pitch,” by Erica Lehrer

“Plague Victims Catapulted over Walls into Besieged City,” by Thomas Lux

“Poem,” by Elizabeth Bishop

Poem [“The eager note on my door said, ‘Call me,'”], by Frank O’Hara

Poetry by Fabio Morabito

Poetry by Theognis

“Politics,” by W. B. Yeats

“A Preface,” by Idris Goodwin

“Prone, November,” by Louise Mathias

“The Rain,” by Zbigniew Herbert

“A rake in the garden.  The garden,” by Joshua Beckman

“The Rose,” by Jean Valentine

“Rowing,” by Anne Sexton

“Sambatyon,” by Gabriel Levin

“A Sandal Dropped in a Swamp,” by Ngo Tu Lap

“The Search Party,” by William Matthews

“Slam, Dunk, & Hook,” by Yusef Komunyakaa

“Sleeping in Dick Cheney’s Bed,” by Brian Turner

“Sleeping on the Wing,” by Frank O’Hara

Sleeping with the Dictionary, by Harryette Mullen

“Small Frogs Killed on the Highway,” by James Wright

“Song for the Last Act,” by Louise Bogan

“Song of Napalm,” by Bruce Weigl

“Sonnet 3 (From Dante’s Sixth Sonnet),” by Robert Duncan

Sonnet 100, by Fulke Greville

“Street Corner,” by Brenda Hillman

“They all ran to look out,” “I see my father looking out the window,” and “Why not look out?,” by Fabio Morabito

“Thieves,” by Anne Perez Hattori

“The Thorn,” by William Wordsworth

“Time Problem,” by Brenda Hillman

“To a Strayed Cat,” by Stephen Jonas

“To Spring,” by William Blake

“Vacationland,” by Dean Young

“The Wall,” by Donald Justice

“[We married in a taxi],” by Shane McCrae

“What He Thought,” by Heather McHugh

“When the Neighbors Fight,” by Terrance Hayes


“Who are you and whom do you love?,” by Jacqueline Jones LaMon

“Wildly Constant,” by Anne Carson

“Wompoo Fruit Dove,” by Cally Conan-Davies

“You are fortunate . . . ,” by Vidyakara

“You, Therefore,” by Reginald Shepherd